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Top 3 Questions To Ask Before Driving Through Flooded Roads

Any Obstructions?

Flooded waters can hide dips & potholes in the road.   And since you can’t see the actual road during rising flood waters, you could hit something to cause major damage to your vehicle.   In addition, flooding can wash away the surface of the road & you lose control of your vehicle.

Water Depth?

6” of water will reach the bottom of most vehicles, will result in stalling the vehicle & cause water to be sucked into the exhaust pipe.   12” of water can cause most vehicles to float due to loss of tire traction.   24” of water can sweep away most vehicles.   Be very cautious when driving on flooded streets.     It is very hard to tell the depth of standing flood waters.


Driving quickly through flood waters can not only cause major accidents, but it can also destroy your engine by causing water to rush into your air intake.   To avoid expensive engine repairs or hurting others, always drive slow through “lightly” flooded roads.

In case of an emergency, turn on your hazard lights so others can see you & call 911.

Always remember, your car is replaceable. But you are not!   And your safety is top priority.  

Millennium Paint & Body Works suggest never try driving through flooded roads.


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