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How Does Pollen Affect Your Car

Pollen. It's the biggest headache each spring in the Mid-South. But did you know that pollen can have negative effects on your vehicle's exterior paint?

We get asked all the time if pollen damages your car. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. It's not just a film you can wipe off, though many drivers do.

How Does Pollen Harm My Vehicle?

Pollen may seem like a fine powder, but each particle has small thorns which help it attach to other plants. This also means that it attaches to you, your clothes, your shoes, and your vehicle. While these microscopic thorns may sound bad, the acidity of pollen is what really does damage to your car's paint. The pollen's acidity is activated with water; rain or simply hosing your car or truck off won't get rid of the pollen and will actually lead to premature fading, and even rust.

How Can I Clean Pollen Off My Vehicle?

The best way to get rid of that yellow stuff is with a good, old-fashioned, soapy wash. Don't be fooled - just because you rinse your vehicle and it appears clean, there are still pollen particles that are eating away at your paint. Start by hosing down your vehicle. Move from top to bottom, so that as much of the pollen as possible falls off the car. Grab your sponge and suds up your car wash solution in your bucket. Proceed in the same manner, moving from the top to the bottom of your vehicle. Use separate sponges for non-paint surfaces, like your windows and wheels.

Dry your car with a clean towel and get your wax solution ready to apply immediately. If you're in the middle of pollen season, wait to apply a wax. You don't want to end up rubbing pollen particles into your vehicle's finish. When pollen season is over, be sure to utilize wax, wax sealant, and paint protection options to keep your vehicle looking brand new. The more layers between your vehicle's paint and the elements (this includes not just pollen, but tree sap, bird droppings, and more), the more protection your car has. These will also keep your vehicle safe from UV rays!

Special tips courtesy of Performance Ford. 


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