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Look Before You Lock

With temperatures soaring it’s more important than ever to “look before you lock” if you are traveling with a child. In 2019, 53 children died of heatstroke in hot cars and 15 have died in 2020. @nhtsagov
Everyone can play a part in preventing these tragedies:
*Keep vehicles locked at all times when parked to prevent a child climbing in and becoming trapped.
*Teach children that vehicles are not a place to play.
*Never leave a child in a vehicle when running errands, not even for a minute.
*Rolling down a window does little to keep a vehicle cool, and heatstroke deaths have occurred even in vehicles parked in shaded areas.
*Bystanders can also play an important role in saving a life – if you see a child alone in a vehicle, call 911 and get help immediately


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